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My Research

Coming soon!

For a general description, see my department page.

Enjoy a few pictures from the lab....


We're special! We run our reactions in gold-plated flasks!

(Confession: When the above happens, it means the reaction didn't work.)






Columns do a reaction good.

This belongs to the department, but
we are very happy to have it in our room!




We're an organic lab, why is your
flask purple!?
There's no color in organic!

We traded with Dr. Bierbach; a bench from our lab (he needed space) got us a glovebox from his lab. I think we got the better end of that deal! Thanks Dr. Bierbach!



Amanda C. Jones
Chemistry Department, Wake Forest University, Salem Hall, Box 7486
Winston-Salem, NC 27109. Phone: 336.758.3054 FAX: 336.758.4656 Email: jonesac at wfu dot edu
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