Digital Politics
COMM 370/670 Fall 2008
Allan D. Louden,
Office Hours: Tu. 2:30-3:30; Thur 1:30-3:00

Graduate Students
supplemental syllabus
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TEXTBOOK: Barbara Warnick, Rhetoric Online: Persuasion and Politics on the World Wide Web

Major Research Project, 50%; Web Contribution/Class Presentations, 20%; Final Examination, 20%; Participation, 10%

By end of Sept - Have conferences on Project proposals
Contribution to Class Web Blog
Final Project Due - Due by Dec .11
Final Exam - distributed by Dec 1

PowePoint Presentations

Web Page Content - Seth Maheu
Banner Advertising
- Ariane Datil
Campaign e-mails - Alyssa Ray
Match Up - Brittney Bogues
Interest Groups - Liza Bruno

Youth Mobilization - Rebecca Bowers
Discussion Boards & Participation - Erin Kerr
Micro-targeting - Allyson Camp
On-line Fundraising - Maya YettePolitical
Political databases – Gray Allen
Politics are Funny - Alex Juszkiewicz
Streaming Video - Jacqueline Altieri

Political Blogs - Amy Rush
Blogs & Mainstream Media - Amanda Schwartz
Political Music Videos - Bridgette Proctor
YouTube-Broadcast Yourself - Stephen Anderson
State-Wide Races - Web - Rachel Bates
International Web Response - Lauren Galloway
Social Networking - Rachel Hays

Technology and Politics Bibliography, Project Description


See Presentation Page for Topics and Dates