Recent Theses by students of N. A. W. Holzwarth and collaborators

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  • Yan Li, Ph. D. -- December 2021 First Principles Investigations of Electrolyte Materials in All-Solid-State Batteries local copy
  • Ahmad Al-Qawasmeh, Ph. D. -- August 2018 Ab Initio Simulations of Idealized Solid Electrolytes in Lithium Ion Batteries Local copy
  • Jason Howard, Ph. D. -- May 2018 First-Principles Simulations of Solid State Battery Materials Local copy
  • Larry Rush Jr., M. S. -- May 2017 First-Principles Investigation of Electronic Properties in Sodium-ion Electrolytes for Solid-state Battery Materials Local copy
  • Nicholas Lepley, Ph. D. -- December 2015 First Principles Investigations of Solid-Solid Interfaces in Lithium Battery Materials Local copy
  • Nicholas Lepley, M. S. -- December 2013 An investigation of lithium solid electrolyte materials with first principles calculations.
  • Xiao Xu, Ph. D. -- August 2011 Orbital dependent functionals: An atom projector augmented wave method implementation
  • William B. Hodge, Ph. D. -- August 2008 (Primary advisor: William C. Kerr) Exact and variational investigations of Hubbard rings
  • Kevin J. Conley, Ph. D. -- May 2008 A Dirac all-electron basis and spin-orbit coupled projector implementation of the Projector Augmented Wave Method for atomic systems
  • Ping Tang, Ph. D. -- August 2006 Computational Research on Lithium Ion Battery Materials
  • Yonas Abraham, Ph. D. -- December 2004 Electronic States Near Surfaces
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