This is the website for our course this fall.

Course information

Meeting times: MWF 11am, room 124.
My office hours (330 Manchester):

Student Portfolios

Each class member will post his/her portfolio in a folder on our shared Google drive. A WFU login is required; for class members only.

Due dates: your first 3 portfolio problems are due F.., Oct. 21*. You should submit this as one polished pdf file, typeset in Latex, to our Google Drive folder. I expect well-written arguments, and carefully drawn pictures. I recommend Inkscape as a good, free graphics program but will accept any figures you produce. You should not submit figures you did not create. By M., Dec. 5, you will submit for one polished pdf file with 6 portfolio problems; these may include your exact submission from October, a revised version of some/all of those, and/or entirely new problems. Also, I am purposefully making the portfolios available to everyone in the class. I encourage you to look at each other's. Of course, it's not fair to borrow from someone's proof, but you are welcome to get formatting and image ideas from others.

Midterm Grades

I will be calculating midterm grades by 10/25. I will determine your numeric average based upon these categories

This adds up to 36.5%, so I'll compute a raw average and possibly apply a slight curve in your favor before determining a midterm grade. Observe this means you have almost two-thirds of the points in this class remaining (since the 3% portfolio is not binding).