Fall 2007 CSC 108
Introduction to Programming
Dr. Yue-Ling Wong

Course Information

Lecture: M W F 2:00-2:50P
Lab: W 1:00-1:50P

Classroom: Manchester 241

Dr. Yue-Ling Wong
   Course Web Page:
   Email: ylwong@wfu.edu
   Phone: 758-3922
   Office: Manchester 227
   Office Hours: drop by (but not within the two hours before class when there is homework or lab due that day) or by appointment

Lab TAs:
  Chris Weitzen and Matt Holt

Check the Timetable often for the lecture and lab materials, due dates, and quiz dates!

There will be lab on the first day of class. Please come to class at 1:00.

Examples of labs and Programming Assignments (tentative):

Example Lab
A Pong game: use of mouse events and event handling, and use of control structures (if/else)
A modified Pong game later in the semester applying object-oriented programming to add multiple balls
To try out this example: Move the mouse inside To try out this example: Move the mouse inside


Example Lab/Assginment

A plarform game: use of control structures (if/else), keyboard events and event handling.
Problem-solving: How to make the platform scrolling continuously without making the platform infinitely long.

To try out this example: Click once inside, use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the character, and use SPACEBAR for jumping


Example Lab

tic-tac-toe: use of 2d array to model the game board, use of if-else statements to toggle players' turns

To try out this example: Click on the cell to place an "X" or "O".


Example Lab/Programming Assignment

3d drive-through fly-through: keyboard event handling, use of loops, multi-dimensional arrays, and 3d perspective concepts

To try out this example: Click once inside, hold down UP/DOWN arrow keys to move forward/backward, hold down LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to pan left/right, hold down SPACEBAR to fly up (see if you can spot the pterodactyl)


Example Lab

Draggable mask: use of mask and mouse event handling

To try out this example: Click and drag the black rectangle (the x-ray block) around.


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