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Review Materials

Notes/Outlines__Practice Problems__Interactive Table of Contents

This material has been provided with students in mind.  The book provides students with the majority view on issues when available along with the traditional federal view.  The above materials include:

Notes/Outlines: This section provides notes for each chapter of the book that have been submitted and edited by students.  There are also links to additional reading for each chapter.

Practice Problems: This section provides short answer questions and essay questions for review.

Table of Contents: This section provides an interactive table of contents with an in-depth description of the topics available in each chapter with a link to student notes.  This page includes link to additional reading.

Other Materials

Get Published__Scholarly Research

Get Published:  Here students may learn about submitting their reviews of law review articles and scholarly work relating to criminal procedure to be published on this web site.

Scholarly Research:  Here students can find law review articles related to important topics in criminal procedure.



2007 Marc L. Miller & Ronald F. Wright