Active Members of the Carroll Research Group


C.C. Dun    

Gabriel Kaplan

Wenxiao Huang

Alex Taylor

Junwei Xu

David Montgomery

Eric Henderson

Briana Thompson

Nathan Beets

John Gorelick

Linqi Shao

David Ostrowski

Drew Schall

Martin Gamer

Tianxiao Shen

Zheng Qiao

KC Winters                                       

Who we are:

There are, and have been, many people that make up our research group.  We have hosted many guests, graduated PhD students, and have been guided by research staff and research faculty.  We are proud of them all. Most of them are listed here. 

Group traditions:

Our general group meeting is held in the Nanotechnology Center’s Lecture Hall every Friday @ 8:30 am. Attendance by Carroll group members is required.  Breakfast is provided to all group members and guests as a way of recognizing the people that are actually responsible for the success of the group - its researchers.  All teams/students/postdocs generally give a 5 minute update of research at each meeting.

Download group handbook here: Guidelines 2016

Our management team.

Business Office

Gloria Stickney (accounts manager - Physics)

Facilities Management

Dr. Corey Hewitt

IP Management

Wake Forest Innovations/WFBMC

Business Collaborator

Mr. Bob Summers (MBA WFU)

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Siegmar Roth


Matthew Howell

Nicholas Lepley

Alex Taylor

Jillian Berjke

Michael Roman

Alex Macropolis

Sara Sizemore

Jay Patel

T. Zimmerman

Baxter McGuirt

J. S. Clayton

F. Coldren

C. Campbell

J.R. Sharpe

D. Tarbox

E. Gregory

D. Benenti

Molly Binder

Griffin Shoemaker

Grace Yook

Michael McCarthy

Nathan Beets 

Ryan Barbalance

Kelli Simms

John Reel

Travis Jones

Aaron Dunmire

KC Winters

Kayci Nielson

Ben Merrick

Dina Yamaleva

Ph.D. Students:

Greg Smith

D. Tekleab

S. Webster

R. Czerw

J. Liu

Nicole Levi

Faith Coldren

Jerry Kielbasa

Wanyi Nie

Yuan Li

Corey Hewitt


Dr. Yuan Li

Dr. HuiHui Huang

Dr. S.-G. Lee

Dr. H.-S. Woo

Dr. J. Xu

Dr. P. Yang

Dr. S. Chen

Dr. Benjamin Harrison

Dr. Miru Haluska

Dr. Scott Webster

Dr. Marisol Reyes-Reyes

Dr. Kyung Kon Kim

Dr. M. Schmid

Dr. J. Liu

Dr. A.G. Manoj

Dr. Junping Zhang

Dr. Jung Ho Park

Dr. Wei Zhou

Dr. Robert Coffin

Dr. Yingdong Xia

Dr. Yonghua Chen

Dr. Wanyi Nie

Guest Scientists:

Siegmar Roth

Yue Cui

Ismail Borazan

Chanitpa Khantha

V. Kruefu

Damon Aboud

Paul Kane

Brian Steer

Orla Byrne

Fiona McGuire

J. Talla


E. McGuire

D. Richter

J. Park

S. Vieira

H. Sakatoro

J. Sheridan

B. Foley

B. McCarthy

A. Strevens

F. Zha

E. Dusjardin

Eamon Loughman

Auren Ferguson                         Ian Owens                        

Gary Lyman                      

David McAteer                  

Kazuma Arizono

KC Winters

Aaron Benson

MS Students:

A. Date

P. Iyer

S. Xing

W. Wang

D. Weston

Baxter McGuirt

Jillian Berjke

Eric Peterson

Our Group...

Research Scientists:

Dr. Joel Berry



If we missed anyone, please let us know!