The group offers courses in advanced physics the through the Wake Forest University Department of Physics.  Typically two courses are offered each year with specialty seminars sometimes announced. Advanced students are encouraged to voice their opinions as to which courses they would like taught in a given semester.

Courses Taught by the Carroll Research Group

Classes (PHY XXX)

PHY 337/637 Analytical Mechanics

    Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics

PHY 339/639 E&M I

PHY 340/640 E&M II

    Intermediate E&M through Maxwell’s Equations

PHY 656 Electron Imaging Science

    Learn the basic theory and practice of electron microscopes

PHY 655 Exotic Materials

    A fast paced introduction to the science and symmetries of quantum materials

PHY 657 Scanning Probes

   The theory and practice of STM, and AFM: the foundation of nanosciences

PHY 658 Kinetics of Materials

    The basic driving equations of kinetics in the solid state

PHY 391/691 or PHY 392/692 Surface Analysis Seminar

    Intro to modern surface analysis techniques: XPS to Auger

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PhD. students in the Carroll Research Group are asked to:

  1. 1.Complete a reading list (a collection of texts that defines our common language)

  2. 2.Complete all 600-level courses offered by the group (above)

  3. 3.Demonstrate at group meeting an excellent knowledge of current literature in their field.

Our Reading List (2018/19):

Essential Solid State Physics
Roth and Carroll

Essential Solid State Physics is to be released early in 2019. However, group members can have a early version to read now...

One Dimensional Metals is available in eBook form from Amazon. (Hardbacks are a little expensive)

Prof. Carroll holds “general office hours” that are open to any student or guest: 1000 - 1200 Olin Physical Laboratories RM 214. T/Th