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Professor Carroll is a physicist by training, with an emphasis in areas of materials physics. His research focuses primarily on the role of dimensionality in materials properties.  Specifically, collections of zero dimensional quantum dots, or one dimensional carbon nanotubes, etc. might interact with each other through fields in the higher dimensional space, leading to novel correlation properties of the collection. The correlation in such systems can be expressed in terms of their overall dimensionality and symmetry of the array. This ultimately can suggest some rather astonishing new technological advances. So in some sense Prof. Carroll’s work is a bridge between basic advances in physics and technological advances derived from those foundations. 

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General Contact Information:

Department of Physics

214 Olin Physical Laboratory

Reynolda Campus

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem N.C. 27109

lab ph: 336 727 1804

fax: 336 758 6142

David L. Carroll (PhD.)

Professor of Physics at Wake Forest University

Director of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at WFU

Scott Family Fellow of Physics

Fellow of the American Physical Society

PhD: Physics; Wesleyan University, Middletown CT.

Undergraduate University: BS-Physics; NCSU Raleigh NC.

Postdoc: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, MPI-Metallforschung, Stuttgart Germany.

Tenured: Wake Forest University (Physics), previously held tenure at Clemson University (Physics and Materials Science)

Adj. Appointments: Cancer Biology, Biomedical Engineering

h-index: 49  RG: 44

Frequently Publishes in: APL, PRL, Adv. Mat., NanoLett.

Publications: > 290 + 1 text book and 3 edited books.

Patents: 15 issued patent families

Citations: > 11,000

Editorial Board Service:


   Journal of Biosensors and Bioelectronics

   Current Organic Synthesis

Board Service:

   SciWorks Children's Museum

   North Carolina School of Science and Math

   Winston-Salem Technology Council

Personal Info...

Professor Carroll lives in Winston-Salem North Carolina with his family. He is active in the Moravian Church and with the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce. He is also a classical guitarist.