Updated: January 1, 2014

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Several important enhancements

have been reported in FIPEL technology including all solution fabrication, and efficiency increases ...

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PowerFelt has crossed an important milestone using new doping techniques the group has increased power output by more than 44 X ...

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We are the research group of Prof. David L. Carroll. Our research work focuses on “Quantum Matrix Composites.”  These materials are based on spatially correlated arrays of quantum-functional nanomaterials, within an electroactive host.  Local symmetries, degrees of freedom, and scale-invariant topologies lead to a rich assortment of interactions within the complex architecture.  We specifically seek to understand the quantum-cooperative behavior that results.  

Our group also explores how these materials might lead to the development of technologies in:


  1. 1) Power: advanced photovoltaic architectures and materials, PV/T hybrids, lighting and display systems, piezo/thermo-electrics.

  1. 2) Medicine: cancer therapeutics, sensor technology, and biological-electronic interfaces (Bionics).

We are founding members of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University. Our group offices are located at 501 Deacon Blvd. in Winston-Salem NC. 27105

Green Energy Technologies

BioElectronics / Bionics

Quantum nanoComposites

Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials

Department of Physics

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem NC 27109