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Welcome to website of  Prof. David L. Carroll’s research group.  Our studies focus on the properties and applications of nanomaterials, nanoparticle arrays, and matrix nanocomposites.  Specifically we work at the interface between between these exotic new materials and their implementation into technology.  While there is a range of technologies under study in the group, most fall into photovoltaics, advanced lighting and opto-electronics, thermoelectric/piezoelectric power scavenging, and bioelectronic sensing.  We seek to understand the role of material dimensionality in enhancements to such technologies.     

We are proud to be founding members of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University located at 501 Deacon Blvd. in Winston-Salem NC. 27105



In 2016 the group will be presenting its work at:

EMN Honolulu

APS Baltimore

The Kentucky Workshop on Nanocarbon

The Stuttgart Workshop on Advanced Materials

MRS Boston

1.  Prof. Carroll’s 3rd edition of One Dimensional Metals - written with Dr. Siegmar Roth is out now.

2.  The paper presenting a model of how the OLEV works at a fundamental level is finally out.  Published in Scientific Reports this work is the first to use detailed balance to describe how such resonant devices can achieve high efficiency. It took a while, but the work is a tour-de-force of organic device analysis that suggests organic light emitters may one day challenge inorganic LEDs for supremacy in lighting efficiency.   

3.  The group’s work in flexible contacts for organic lighting was featured on the cover of Advanced Functional Materials.  This work, led by Junwei Xu, shows that the use of composite contacts could dramatically enhance the lifetimes of  flexible devices that undergo repeated deformation.

  1. 4. In 2016 the group has applied for several new patents

To see more news of the group goto and click on “news.”  

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