Adding raster images to animated tutorials

Adding raster images (photos, art, etc.) is mostly the same as adding vector objects as previously discussed in Working with layers and vector objects to construct frames for animated tutorials. We will prepare our raster image create a new layer and then add our raster image.

Preparing a new raster image

Here we are not giving tips on painting. Rather, we will take an existing image and prepare it for insertion in our animation.

Consider the logo at right. The image includes white space around the logo that we might prefer not be there.
  • In Paint Shop Pro we can erase the white border using the eraser tool from the tool pallette. The checkerboard indicates areas that have been erased.
  • Now resize the image to fit the proportions of the tutorial background.
  • With the image window selected (top bar should be blue), select "Edit > Copy".
  • Click the tutorial window, and select "Edit > Paste > As new layer".
  • You can use the Mover Tool to reposition the logo at any time, since it is on its own layer.
Rename the layer to something meaningful, and use the "spectacles" toggle in the Layers Palette to hide and reveal the logo you inserted.  

Click here for an animation.