Recent Papers

Horizons and correlation functions in 2D Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetime

Pair production due to an electric field in 1+1 dimensions and the validity of the semiclassical approximation

Method to compute the stress-energy tensor for a quantized scalar field when a black hole forms from the collapse of a null shell

Correlations between a Hawking particle and its partner in a 1+1 D Bose-Einstein condensate analog black hole

Semiclassical predictions regarding a preinflationary era and its effects on the power spectrum

Particle production in the interiors of acoustic black holes

Late time approach to Hawking radiation: Terms beyond leading order

Black hole remnants may exist if Starobinsky inflation occurred

Correlation patterns from massive phonons in 1 + 1 dimensional acoustic black holes: A toy model

Decay of the de Sitter Vacuum

Future Singularities if the universe underwent Starobinsky inflation in the past

Mirror reflections of a black hole

Low frequency gray-body factors and infrared divergences: Rigorous results

Gray-body factor and infrared divergences in 1D BEC acoustic black holes

On the Instability of Global de Sitter space to Particle Creation

Quantum Vacuum Instability of 'Eternal' de Sitter Space

Validity of the semiclassical approximation during the preheating phase of chaotic inflation

Noise kernel near the horizon of de Sitter space

Time dependence of particle creation from accelerating mirrors

Hawking radiation correlations in Bose-Einstein condensates using quantum field theory in curved space

Hawking radiation of massive modes and undulations

Noise Kernel for a quantum field in Schwarzschild spacetime under the Gaussian approximation

Effects of quantized scalar fields in cosmological spacetimes with big rip singularities

Cosmological horizon modes and linear response in de Sitter space

Study of the preheating phase of chaotic inflation