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Main Research interest: Topology & Geometry

Ideas combining low-dimensional topology & geometry, often with a bit of physics thrown in. Some examples:

  • helicity of 3-dim. (and 2n+1-dim.) vector fields
  • writhe of knots & other geometric/physical knot theory concerns
  • ropelength of knots & its applications
  • symmetries of knots & links

Voting Theory

In my spare time, I think about voting theory.

Window on Wake Forest: my discussion of math and voting, Nov. 2008

Jason & his 2 advisors
My two advisors and me, April 2004
Herman Gluck, me, and Dennis DeTurck


Contact info

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Wake Forest University
Office: Manchester 330
Email: parslerj AT wfu DOT edu
Fax: 336 793 7190

Office Hours (spring 2017)

  • MW 2:30-3:30
  • Tu 2:30-4:30
  • F 3-4
  • by appointment

Mathematical Travel

Includes some of these:

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