Mathematical Publications

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  1. "A new cohomological formula for helicity in R^{2k+1} reveals the effect of a diffeomorphism on helicity", Jason Cantarella and Jason Parsley
    J. of Geometry & Physics, 60:9, Sept. 2010, 1127-1155,

  2. "An infinite family of convex Brunnian links in R^n"
    Bob Davis, Hugh Howards, Jonathan Newman, and Jason Parsley
    Geometriae Dedicata, 155:1, 141-149, Dec. 2011

  3. "The Biot-Savart operator and electrodynamics on subdomains of the three-sphere"
    J. Math. Phys., 53:1, 013102, 2012

  4. "The 27 possible intrinsic symmetry groups of 2-component links"
    Jason Cantarella, James Cornish, Matt Mastin, and Jason Parsley
    Symmetry, 2012; 4(1):129-142

  5. "Intrinsic symmetry groups of links with 8 and fewer crossings", Michael Berglund, Jason Cantarella, Meredith Perrie Casey, Ellie Dannenberg, Whitney George, Aja Johnson, Amelia Kelly, Al LaPointe, Matt Mastin, Jason Parsley, Jacob Rooney, Rachel Whitaker
    Symmetry, 2012; 4(1):143-207

  6. "A geometric and combinatorial view of weighted voting",
    Sarah Mason and Jason Parsley
    submitted. arxiv:1109.1082

  7. "Existence and computation of Taylor states"
    Jason Parsley, in preparation

  8. A geometric power index for weighted voting''
    Annalaissa Johnson, Sarah Mason, and Jason Parsley, in preparation

  9. "Power indices for 5 voters''
    Annalaissa Johnson and Jason Parsley, in preparation

Interdisciplinary Articles

  1. "Understanding geometry in the dance studio", Jason Parsley and Christina Soriano,
    J. of Mathematics and the Arts, 3:1, March 2009, 11-19,

  2. "A student-run exit poll successfully predicts 2008 election results",
    Annalaissa Johnson, Andrew McCarty, Jason Parsley, and Robert Reinhard, submitted

Dissertation: The Biot-Savart operator and electrodynamics on the three-sphere (pdf)

Master's Thesis: The Taylor problem in plasma physics (pdf)


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