Intermediate Laboratory

Physics 266

Part I

Class times: Tuesdays 2:00-4:20 PM

Class Location: Olin 103

Instructor: Professor Daniel Kim-Shapiro, Phone: 758-4993, Office: 208 Olin,,

Email work to David Montgomery or Jiajie Xiao

Office hours: By appointment.

The goal of this class is to use Maple to help learn Classical Mechanics. The course will be taught in Olin 103. You will bring your Thinkpads to each class and work through the laboratory on your pad. Your lab write-up will consist of your maple workshop. You are encourgaed to work in groups, but each student must complete a lab report. For maximum credit you must clearly describe each formula and definition that you make. Your write-ups can be e-mailed to the TA. All work should be completed during class and e-mailed by the end of class (No homework). You are required to complete each lab.

General Maple Notes

Always choose worksheet mode when starting a new lab worksheet. Also, make text input default - tools, options, display, Maple Notation, Apply globally

Lab I

Lab II


Lab IV

Lab V

Lab VI

The second part of this course, instructed by David Carroll, involves laboratory experiments.