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My general area of research can be classified as ultrafast phenomena in solid state materials. The definition of "ultrafast" depends on who you ask and can be described in terms of pulse width or some physical process such as electron relaxation. As such, it is at the intersection of optics, solid-state physics, chemistry, materials science and electrical engineering. Some topics of particular interest to me include ultrafast pulse generation and characterization, defect dynamics, multiphoton imaging and ultrafast optical switching. I do most of my research in the department's Laser Lab with Prof. Richard Williams and his students.

As the laser specialist, I also contribute to other research in the department. Some examples are a set of experiments to measure the dynamics of NO binding to hemoglobin with the research group of Prof. Daniel Kim-Shapiro and measuring triplet dynamics in certain polymers in collaboration with Prof. David Carroll.

Current and Past Research Topics

Finally, again along with Prof. Carroll, I collaborate with researchers at the WFU Medical School on using carbon nanotubes in cancer therapy.

The Laser Laboratory

  • Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Laser
  • Ultrafast Regenerative Amplifier
  • Modelocked/Compressed Nd:YAG laser
  • Sync-pumped Dye Laser
  • Excimer Laser
  • Picosecond Streak Camera
  • Atomic Force Microscope